For the past 35 years, Judith Cushman & Associates has maintained an outstanding reputation in the industry. Here is what Ms. Cushman says about her work and values.

If we can anticipate client needs, we will meet them, even before a client requests our help.

Solving a problem may involve a new direction and selecting a mix of services. Those services may involve specific consulting projects or a comprehensive search effort. Once a strategy is agreed upon, we focus on results.

We will set deadlines and make every effort to meet them, even if it means more work and time for us. When we are conducting a search we are committed to identifying the most suitable candidates for a position, quickly and efficiently. We embrace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and will seek out all qualified candidates.

We will only give counsel and advice that is in the best interest of our client. We will provide the best advice we can whether or not our clients wish to hear it. We will do the same with candidates who approach us for positions or career guidance. We will never counsel candidates in a manner that is misleading or not in their best long-term interest.

We believe there is no shortcut to success in consulting and search work. Service is our watchword. We believe in being thorough and paying attention to all the details that add up to the results our clients expect from us.

We believe in treating clients and candidates with respect and sensitivity. Tomorrow one of those candidates may become a client. We hope so. We expect to work for clients more than once. We must earn their respect and trust to build those relationships. We strive to become partners with our clients. We believe that our references should come from both clients and candidates.

We have made a commitment to serving clients in our niche and understand that long-term values sometimes run into conflict with short-term gains. We choose to build for the long term.

We treat information from clients and candidates confidentially. We owe them all honesty.

No person or organization is perfect. We will try to be as accurate and as thorough as possible. When we make mistakes we will correct them and take responsibility for them.

In order to provide the highest level of service we must take pride in the work we perform.

Finally, we are unwavering in our commitment to respect our clients, the candidates we work with and ourselves.

Judith Cushman