JC&A provides added value Retained Search and Consulting Solutions exclusively in this niche filling Corporate Communications, including Investor Relations, and related posts nationally. Operating as a boutique for the past 20 years, the firm has a track record of 100% success, fulfilling the terms of every contract awarded to the company.  Ms. Cushman leads national search efforts ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to agencies and smaller companies. She approaches a search strategically with up-front, in-depth analysis of the company, the position and the candidate profile.  She partners with her clients to bring a value-added perspective to the process.  The firm focuses on the long term and expects to maintain ongoing relationships with both candidates and clients.



This is where Communications Vice Presidents, leaders of departments and Senior Directors aspiring to those roles can read candid, unvarnished career advice and ask questions in strict confidence. With more than 30 years’ experience filling these positions. I’ve interviewed, counseled and answered questions for thousands of outstanding and high potential professionals. The blog is about answering the most frequently asked questions—or the most challenging ones where there are no perfect answers.

For many years I have wanted to have a voice in the marketplace expressing my analysis and insights about career (and life) decisions. This blog is about truth and what matters most to successful professionals. If my approach resonates with your values, we can work successfully together. You may contact me as you job hunt or when you are hiring a key executive for your team.

Examples of questions I answer on a weekly basis are: compensation (including a 5-part series), transitions and resumes. I welcome questions submitted by my blog readers. To receive the latest blog posts as soon as they are released, subscribe by providing your name and email.

I hope my observations will spark a response. You can add to the conversation by commenting on any blog post or by sending an email to jcushman@jc-a.com. All blog submissions are treated as confidential and no names are released unless the author gives permission.

In addition to answering these questions, I will share in-depth articles as PDFs.  Here are the latest articles:


Judith Cushman & Associates fills positions nationwide including Vice Presidents, Chief Communications Officers, Executive Directors and Directors in corporate, agency and additional professional settings. JC&A facilitates, manages and expedites the process, enabling the organization to make the best selection, saving time and adding value throughout the course of the search. Success is achieved by setting clear objectives for the position, spelling out essential and desirable candidate specifications and evaluating cultural fit. The firm accepts retained searches from no more than 3 client organizations at any given time. JC&A has fulfilled every contract that has been awarded to the firm for more than a decade. Our track record is 100%.



Consulting services offer clients solutions to staffing and HR needs that are significantly less costly than full search contracts. Once JC&A is engaged to complete a project and a fixed budget has been established, there is no upward adjustment, unless the scope changes. Here is a list of services which can easily be customized to meet client needs. Fees will be computed based upon estimated hours. Per diem charge is $2,500; expenses are invoiced separately.



For the past 30 years, Judith Cushman & Associates has maintained an outstanding reputation in the industry. Here is what Ms. Cushman says about her work and values: “If we can anticipate client needs, we will meet them, even before a client requests our help.” “Solving a problem may involve a new direction and selecting a mix of services. Those services may involve specific consulting projects or a comprehensive search effort. Once a strategy is agreed upon, we focus on results.” “We will set deadlines and make every effort to meet them, even if it means more work and time for us. When we are conducting a search we are committed to identifying the most suitable candidates for a position, quickly and efficiently.”…



Judith Cushman & Associates has been in business for 30+ years, proudly accomplishing in the last 15 a 100% success track record fulfilling the terms of every contract undertaken by the firm.



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