Key strengths of the firm are:
Listening to Client needs and distilling what the key priorities are as defined by the decision makers.
Starting from that end point and asking the fundamental questions to develop a path to the solution is what leads to success. Our track record of completion is 100% over more than a decade. Our focus is to set and meet goals reporting weekly on progress. We understand the questions underneath the obvious questions. The work is strategic and analytical driven by the intellectual curiosity to understand complex issues and relationships. JC&A will take the time to do the necessary homework about the hiring organization as well as gaining insight into talents and motivation of individuals.

In addition they are:
Ability to define problems, find solutions and write persuasively and effectively on behalf of the client, e.g. job descriptions, analysis of the candidate’s strengths and fit with a culture.
Clarity and honesty in providing analysis (good or bad).
Unswerving dedication to deliver what was promised and to serve the client so that the burden is removed from his/ her shoulders.

Feedback from clients indicates that JC&A offers added value through strategic contributions, capacity to grasp complex issues, high intellectual and analytical capability, insights into marketing issues and ability to define and clarify those issues. Another quality is sensitivity to political situations and an ability to navigate through complex structures to accomplish the objective.

The firm is committed to maintaining long term relationships and is willing, at all times, to provide candid feedback beyond the parameters of the search, whether it is asked for or not. The firm is guided by a strong sense of ethics and issues of confidentiality along with an understanding of how to effectively present the client story in a balanced and appealing manner. Potential issues are acknowledged and defused. Specific processes are described in supporting materials.

JC&A tailors the candidate assessment process to the needs of the client. Sources of candidate referrals are noted along with their recommendations. JC&A evaluates the sources (not all recommendations are accepted at face value.) In-depth interviews are scheduled after the candidate has reviewed the job description and supporting materials. The interviews may occur in one or two sessions, each lasting from 60-90 minutes. JC&A assists the candidate with preparing a resume that focuses his/her skills precisely tailored to the position. The client is presented with a fully qualified candidate for the most efficient use of his/her time. The client is also provided with an analysis of the screening interviews conducted by JC&A. In addition, the client is informed of scheduling considerations that impact the timetable to move ahead. Any practical stumbling blocks are noted.

Interviews are conducted via Zoom, phone or in person. The goal is to identify at least two finalists. This decision is made after thorough client/search representative evaluation of the candidates. A critical element is probing for interest and commitment about accepting the post. Preliminary financial information is obtained about family, housing and compensation. In-depth references are gathered and completed (for finalists). These are reported to the client with analysis, prior to final interviews being conducted.

We do not have a policy regarding unsuccessful searches. Our contract is based upon a service agreement. We have never failed to meet our obligation. We have, when searches are frozen or positions redefined, been as flexible as possible to extend the terms and work with our clients so that there is a mutually satisfactory solution and value.

Our hands-off policy is never to recruit an individual we have placed at an organization, nor to use any information gained during the course of a confidential relationship, to the detriment of a client. We respect a client’s request for one year not to recruit an individual from the department (where we have been retained).