The initial fee for contract purposes is computed at 30% of the estimated maximum salary. Three payments are due. The third and final amount due is computed based upon the actual guaranteed annual earnings figure, less fees paid to date. Two initial payments are made, each at 10% of maximum salary over a 60-day period. The final fee is due upon the starting date (again less fees already paid.) Protections are outlined for both parties in the contract.

A fixed fee option is also available where the client and JC&A agree upon a total compensation figure for the search. JC&A will then invoice the client in three equal installments over a 90-day period at an annualized rate of 30% of the agreed upon compensation figure.

Fees are for services rendered and are non-refundable. JC&A is the exclusive recruiting channel. Expenses are billed separately with no administrative surcharge. When multiple searches are authorized at the same time, reduced fees as low as 23% are offered.


The final fee is 25% of guaranteed annual earnings, only if the candidate is a referral through JC&A. The initial retainer is 15% of maximum base salary. The final balance due on the starting date is 25% of guaranteed annual earnings less the fee previously paid (again, only if the referral is via JC&A).

When four or more searches are authorized, the final fees due are reduced to 23%, as the hires are completed. The initial retainer is for services rendered and is nonrefundable. Expenses are billed separately.


Other services include fee based consulting assignments at $2500.00 per diem; hourly consulting services are billed at $350.00 per hour (minimum two hours).


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