Announcing a New In-Depth Article – Recruiting Millennials for a Social Media Management position creates a unique set of challenges. Does what Millennials want to do align with what GenX hiring managers are looking for?

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This article is a compilation of what I learned when I conducted a search at the sharp edge where the generational conflict of values between Millennials and GenXers met against a backdrop of change as Social Media (SM) has infiltrated and reshaped communications practices. This series of posts combined an analysis of the SM landscape and the profiles of Millennials I recruited for a Director of Social Media (SM) where these issues surfaced.

What are Millennials looking for as they are aggressively pursued and offered multiple job opportunities in the Social Media (SM) space?  Is there a major shift in values from GenXers that impacts how Millennials make career decisions? What are the challenges and adjustments that must be made by Millennials when they wish to pursue senior managerial positions where GenXers are the hiring officers and decision makers? The situation is reversed for these Millennials when the hunted become the hunters.</span?

What are the consequences when the clash of Millennial’s values, expectations and behaviors are so off-putting to GenXers that they have no chance of successfully competing for leadership roles unless they fall in line?   What impact has SM had on consulting firms as they add new capabilities and create new positions where Millennials are the most qualified?

This 11-part series answered the following questions:

Here is the link to the complete article – Recruiting Millennials for a Social Media Management position creates a unique set of challenges. What is appealing to these candidates? Does what they want align with what the hiring manager (Gen X) is looking for? What are the 4 social media business models I identified?

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