Decision Making Tools – Part #5 – How can you decide to pass and not explore an opportunity when you are actively job hunting?

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judith cushman associates career development strategy recruiting seattle bellevue washington waAnswer: Shouldn’t you be open to all opportunities since there may be something worth looking into?

I say that there are jobs that simply are not right for basic reasons. You can waste precious time on them when you need that time to explore better opportunities. Here’s a grid that I constructed after discussions with Rebecca (parts 1-4). It is simple, quick to fill out, and can be a shortcut to saying “no” to obviously wrong situations. Hopefully this tool removes some of the emotional content that can create indecision and confusion.

Click here to view and download the Decision Making Grid.

There are two other posts to share, one about risk and the other with questions to ferret out the culture of an organization and how that fits your work style.

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