Decision Making Tools – Part #6 – What are the hard facts about assessing the risk involved when considering a new opportunity?

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judith cushman associates career development strategy recruiting seattle bellevue washington waAnswer: How much risk can you afford to take if you are at a critical point in your career and a misstep could undermine your future?
We have followed the story of Rebecca as she sorted out her options and proactively pursued a variety of potential opportunities that would keep her on track for VP Comms jobs. She had some close calls. It is easy to wander off, lose focus and make mistakes.

Click HERE to view or download the second decision grid in the series with pertinent factors to consider about risk.

Please send comments about what additional elements should be added to

Meanwhile, have a happy Thanksgiving holiday. I will take a break over the holiday weekend. The last checklist in the series about cultural fit will be posted the weekend of November 30th.

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