Decision Making Tools – Part #7 – Do you know in what cultures you do your best work? When you interview for a new leadership role do you specifically focus on researching the company’s culture?

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judith cushman associates career development strategy recruiting seattle bellevue washington waAnswer: Defining the cultures where you do your best work and researching the culture of an organization you might join, are two of the most difficult aspects to a job search. Yet they are critically important. Have you made a serious effort to reach out to friends in your network, former employees, and possibly in-house resources (not necessarily in the comms department?)

We have followed Rebecca as she started out with none of these guidelines. She didn’t recognize the pitfalls of working in a privately held company where the President had fired two of her predecessors after very short stints.

Click HERE to view or download a Checklist I created to help focus on what is important about company culture and how you fit (or don’t.)

This is the seventh and last article in the Decision Making Tools series. Please send comments about what additional elements should be added to:

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