Fixing a Broken Corporate Hiring and Search Process – What Improvements Can CCO’s Implement?

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judith cushman associates exceutive recruiting analsyis career consulting hr human resources professionalsAnswer: Hiring outstanding direct reports more efficiently can have an immediate, positive impact on the CCO’s performance. So why is something so important not happening more effectively? Why should it take 6 months or longer to fill a critical job reporting to the CCO or CMO? This issue is never discussed, except off the record.

You can read article after article advising senior-level comms executives about how to navigate the perils of the executive level hiring practice. But, to suggest the hiring process, the practices and behavior of the hiring executive can be improved, seems to be taboo.

There are reasons why searches can be frustrating and unsuccessful. The primary one is that the effort is flawed from the start. That’s why I’m tackling this sensitive subject and suggesting that CCOs are missing an opportunity to improve the productivity of the entire team. This new series of posts is an in-depth description of the current recruitment process along with an analysis and recommendations to fix the problem. I will be covering the following topics:

  • Who Is In Charge of the Hiring Process? And Why Couldn’t That Be Changed?
  • Is Improving the Search Process Not In Question Because It Is an Initiative No One Sees As His/Her Responsibility?
  • How Is the Normal Recruiting Process Organized? What Are the Potential Issues?
  • What Are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Using Internal vs External Resources To Search For Qualified Candidates?
  • How Can the Job Description Become an Effective Tool For Improving the Search Process and Finding Qualified Candidates?
  • Why Should It Take 6-Months or Longer To Fill a Critical Job Reporting To the CCO or CMO? What Needs To Change To Cut That Time In Half?
  • What Are the Right Resources To Use In a Successful Search? Who Should Determine Which Resources To Use?
  • What Improvements Can Be Made In the Project Management Of a Search To Reduce the Timeline?
  • What Recommendations Should Be Considered To Enhance the Quality Of Candidates Presented For Consideration?
  • How Can Effective Planning and Creating a Project Schedule Improve the Search Process?

I look forward to comments and feedback from hiring managers about these recommendations and observations. I can see where there are difficulties in assigning a search to the hiring manager and asking HR to take an important support role with deadlines and metrics. I can also see where the additional responsibility for the comms team that is fully engaged, will create a burden and possible reallocation of tasks. I do feel this is a potential solution that is worth exploring. Thank you. Judy

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