Fixing a Broken Corporate Hiring and Search Process, Part 1 – Who Is In Charge of the Hiring Process? And Why Can’t That Be Changed?

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judith cushman associates excecutive recruiting search process seattle bellevue washingtonAnswer: I believe many CCOs think of hiring as HR’s job and that they are passive participants. They may think that having a brief discussion with HR about the job and the ideal candidate are sufficient contributions to the process. They have done their part.
Also, they think the hiring process is good enough as is. I believe HR likes it that way since they take charge and are not challenged to improve their procedures and the results they achieve.

The expectation is that those in charge of hiring are calling the shots and they will continue to behave as they always have. My take on the situation is that the recruiting process has not changed at the very senior levels because there is no pressure on hiring managers to “up their game.”

  • If the head of communications or marketing is making the hiring decision, who will critique their performance? Who will have the temerity to suggest, “You should evaluate your behavior and decision-making process.” If I were a job seeker, I certainly wouldn’t complain. If I were an outside consultant to help with the hire, I certainly wouldn’t criticize my client. if I were an internal HR Recruiter, I would most likely not be at a level where I could have the authority to suggest changes or want to create internal discord.
  • Or, the CCO might not be aware that any changes were needed, since he/she may assume the way the recruitment process works is the norm and considered effective. (I would guess this is the way companies generally conduct senior level search assignments.)
  • And finally, why would the hiring manager question his own authority and feel that there is an issue? From all angles there is a built-in bias toward the status quo.

This post is the first in a series about making the case for increased support for CCOs and CMOs to find the best recruiting solutions for their teams. If a CCO wishes to assume this responsibility, I would welcome the opportunity to consult with the organization to assist with implementing the changes that will become a blueprint for future efficiencies.

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