Fixing a Broken Corporate Hiring and Search Process, Part 9 – What Recommendations Should Be Considered to Enhance the Quality of Candidates Presented for Consideration?

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judith cushman associates excecutive recruiting search process seattle bellevue washingtonAnswer: The recruiter should be briefed directly by the hiring manager about the characteristics of the ideal candidate and what the hiring manager is most interested in knowing about him/her. Precisely that information should be included in the candidate evaluation presented to the hiring manager.
With that level of detail, the screening process can be shortened, saving weeks of interviewing semi-finalists. For example, If the goal is to identify 3 finalists to present to management, and the 5 candidates in the first round are all fully qualified, it is possible to move directly to final round interviews.

Selecting expert recruiters can save time as they have the judgment, insight and experience to find and present outstanding potential finalists. That is why I recommend investing the time to evaluate the capability of internal (or external) recruiters and to question their knowledge and expertise. Since the field is in flux, it is also important that they have conducted recent searches in communications (and related fields.) The recruiter will have a good grasp of current market conditions and the challenges that presents for a search.

I’ve advised candidates who are successful and open to considering new opportunities to turn down exploring jobs unless they have the patience and time to devote to the many steps and delays involved. That feedback will give the recruiter “ammunition” to ask the hiring manager to consider shortening the hiring cycle. The benefit to the hiring organization is clear. In general, an efficient (shorter) process may allow for a deeper talent pool and excellent candidate who can be extremely selective about exploring new opportunities.

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