Judith Cushman & Associates announces new cost-effective evaluation and consulting services scaled for senior executives.

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prHere is the latest news from Judith Cushman & Associates, retained search in communications. It is told through the story of Greg, posted on her blog (www.jc-a.com/judith-cushman-blog/). As you follow Greg’s story, Judy provides insights about his decision-making process and evaluates his talents. Her perceptive analysis enables her to provide in-depth reporting about why a communication professional achieves success as a VP.

Life After PR – “Greg’s Story”

The Story of “Greg” and 3 other profiles are about “A” team, communications/ Corp. Affairs VPs and the direction they choose once they achieve the roles they covet. This is long before they are ready to call it quits. Exploring the spectrum of choices and finding answers about what path to take, are what these new consulting, fixed fee services are designed to do. Services can be authorized through companies as well as by individuals evaluating potentially career changing options.

Blogging for over 2-years, this series has stirred more comment than any other topic.

Greg’s story describes most effectively the individualized services that are offered in addition to retained search engagements. As the narrative proceeds, the challenges, insights and capabilities that account for the decisions Greg made are explained when he came to the end of an agency track. In-depth questions and probing for answers beyond the superficial are hallmarks of the firm’s analytical approach that are not available elsewhere.

Here is Greg’s history. He had invested almost 20 years with a global consulting firm and was groomed to become one of the senior officers in the agency. But he didn’t take that step. Instead, by making a series of non-traditional decisions, he became an entrepreneur, created a business and then made yet another career shift. The article explains his thinking, the risks he accepted and his core values.

What makes Greg’s story compelling is the description of his motivation and values that get to the heart of his decision-making. Greg and Judy had built a trust relationship over many years (as she has with others.) He was willing to share his experiences and to take the time needed to tell his story to her. They both felt this would be a valuable story to help others who were questioning their future direction.

Additionally, the talents that account for his accomplishments are made explicit through Judy’s narrative based on her conversations with Greg. She shared them with him, and he validated her observations. Often successful executives cannot articulate the reasons for their success. These discussions are valuable for them to gain insights about their effectiveness as leaders. That allows them to more rigorously evaluate new opportunities and make better decisions about potential career moves.

Contact: Judith Cushman, jcushman@jc-a.com, 425 392 8660, Bellevue, WA, 98008, LinkedIn

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