Life After PR – Nathan’s Story– How did Nathan start out with no career path in mind and end up with one of the top tier communications jobs in an industry he loved? This article is a collection of 9 blog posts that analyzed the reasons for his career moves, talents and success.

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prHere is the story of a VP who has held the titles of Chief Marketing Officer as well as Chief Communications Officer for two different companies. How did that make sense? How did all the pieces fall into place for him to be in the transportation business? Did he always know what the right job was for him?
Even before college Nathan was focused on the transportation industry and the media. He never expected that his two passions would take him to where he is today. To lead and inspire takes a genuine passion for the organization and what it produces.

Nathan began his work life with a passion for the transportation industry. Lacking career goals, he took any job he could in the industry. That put him where he could be “discovered.” He was also fascinated by the media. His energy, focus and curiosity were impressive and obvious.

Here is the link to the PDF with the full article that tells Nathan’s story including commentary from author Judy Cushman that analyzes his capabilities and special gifts.
Life After PR Series – “Nathan’s Story”

Each question that follows below has a link to the related blog post.


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