Life After PR Series – “Angela”, Part 1 – What are the Factors that Affect Women in Senior Comms Positions as They Find a New Career and a New Direction in their Lives?

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prAnswer: There are few gifted women in the communications field that have followed their instincts and taken the risk to create a business based on their insights. In the many cases where I have tried to recruit outstanding women to consider jobs that involve asking their families (including children) to support a major change in their lives, the answer is overwhelmingly a “no.” There is virtually no appetite for risk no matter how rewarding the opportunity appears to be.

As I describe the exceptional female executive in this story, be aware of how unique her path has been. She succeeded in building an outstanding career and a successful business. When she realized that she had done what she set out to do by her mid-fifties, she decided to make a change.

It was time to close the door on that chapter and give herself permission to take time to consider what “next” would look like. For now, she is enjoying a pause. That in itself is new for someone who was so busy that she never had time to reflect on her accomplishments or think about shaping her future.

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