Life After PR Series – “Angela,” Part 4 – How Did the Role of an Entrepreneur in the Digital Communications Space Contribute to Her Decision to Find a New Career?

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prAnswer: In June 1991 she founded the company in her name and evolved it over several years, describing it as a Digital Communications Group. While considered a boutique, the business grew with offices in San Francisco, Seattle, New York and Boston, among other cities. Its reputation was built on representing emerging growth companies in the business-to-business (B2B) and consumer tech space.

In order to add value to clients and remain relevant in one of the fastest moving sectors of the marketplace, Angela was constantly challenged to keep up. She needed to be ahead of changing conditions, identify trends and have an opinion about why. She was successful in maintaining a reputation as an opinion leader throughout her career.

She developed a network of analysts, venture capitalists, journalists, lawyers, attended conferences and appeared on panels to keep up with developments. She could not risk falling behind, and she loved the challenge although the pace was exhausting. Angela lived on both coasts.

It was not an easy schedule, nor was managing several offices, but she said she always anticipated and planned ahead for setbacks to make it more manageable. There were times when she faced major issues relating to operating the business. She also had family obligations.

When she felt it was time to stop, the solution was to find a buyer for her agency.

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