Life After PR Series – “Angela,” Part 5 – How did Angela Decide to Make a Life Changing Decision and Sell the Digital Communications Firm she had Established? What Were her Thoughts about her Future?

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prAnswer: Making that decision to sell her business was a challenge but there was no other viable alternative. It was based upon how she felt about the personal toll it would take to maintain the business. It was not a decision she came to without a great deal of thought, but she faced it honestly. Practically, to extract the value she had created in her business, this was the only route to take.

She was working all the time and knew that was the price to pay for her success. There were personal factors to consider. If she wanted a life on her terms, the only way it could happen would be if she were no longer running the company. Once she made the decision to sell her firm, she did not hesitate.

She had built a valuable organization and, with the help of an outside consultant, confidentially looked for a buyer. After being in business for twenty-four years, the firm was sold to a top-tier marketing communications company. With the acquisition, that company’s high-tech practice became the largest within the organization. Angela contracted to stay while the assimilation and transition took place.

We connected for a thoughtful conversation about her plans three years after the acquisition when she was no longer in a management role. Here are highlights.

“How did I do what I did? Do I say it took courage? I have a derivative of courage that describes my action and that is, being vigilant and never taking my eye off the ball. Do your homework, be smart. Never be afraid.

“I need to figure out what’s next. How hard do I really want to work? I want to have time to enjoy life and my family. I (still) want to stay in the flow (of the market) and what will that look like? I have a wonderful opportunity to say and do what I want to do. I worked very hard and now I’m on the other side (of all that work). I’m taking time to process this change (of my company) to the new owner.

“I’m incredibly grateful and happy, I can pinch myself.

“I count my blessings, I don’t rest on my laurels, I keep my eye on the ball.”

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