Life After PR Series – “Angela,” Part 6 – What Are Key Pieces of Advice about Career Transitions Based on Angela’s Experience?

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prAnswer: Angela was blessed with many gifts that led to her success. Among them two stand out — an uncompromising objectivity to understand the truth of a situation and the ability to take action based on that insight. As we wrap up the series, here are key pieces of advice she shares. For many professionals making the decision to start a new chapter in their lives and then implementing that decision is one of the most difficult actions to take. Angela didn’t hesitate once she knew what was right for her.

  • “I had three years to adjust the rate at which I get things done. I’m wired to get things done and now I ask, ‘why hurry?’ I don’t need to rush!
  • “Whatever I do it will be different in some way: it may solve a problem, or fill a need and reach a broad audience; It has to have an edge in whatever field that I might be in.
  • “Be bold, stand out, ask questions, that was expected of me. My parents said there is no free lunch.
  • “As the CEO I had no down time to reflect; I had to get up and do it again, every single day.
  • “Most people define me as a calculated risk taker. I never looked back; I’m very analytical; I leave no stone unturned. I’ll look at something I am interested in 100 times to understand it and assess its risk or viability.
  • “I care about some things (issues, charities). I need a period of doing nothing and letting things come to me. It comes to me naturally as a thread. I keep thinking about that more and more.
  • “I was asked to support a non-profit paper art gallery in Brooklyn. So much love goes into paper art and they asked me to help as Treasurer, so I took on the role. I feel great, I’m making a difference.
  • “I was told to write a book about me as a single mom and CEO, Now, that I have the time, I have embarked on that journey and want to tell a story that will help others avoid my mistakes. I want to help other entrepreneurs, and mentor young women building their careers.
  • “We are in an age of extremes: violence, politics, climate. It continues to be volatile. We are in a transitory period where everything is being questioned.
  • “Our industry is in a period of change. We need to help people get through these changes.
  • “PR, what is it? (the) Art of PR is relating to different publics through all the channels available to us: social, digital, written, and spoken.
  • “Agency business models are threatened by corporations trying to do the work by themselves. What does that mean for consulting firms?”

The series, Life After PR, will continue in the New Year as we learn about the success of “Nathan”. He made his way to the top rungs of the Corporate Communications world and abruptly changed course in order to head up the marketing function for a company a fraction the size of the global Fortune 500’s where he built his career. We will take a holiday break in Mid-December and resume the first full week of the New Year, with the next post on January 9th .introducing you to “Nathan”.

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