Life After PR Series – “Greg”, Part 1 – What is the Background of an “A” Team Comms Executive Who Left a Global Agency to Find a New Career and New Direction in His Life?

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prAnswer: Here is the profile of “Greg”. Until 5-years ago he was on a classic track to assume the leadership of a global PR Consulting Group when he made the decision to leave. He knew that was not the right job for him. Instead he conceived of a new business model serving a niche market that he instinctively and viscerally understood. This would completely upend his life. Fortunately his family supported him. His decision led to new work options and a role today that he could never have imagined. Here is the story of Greg’s early life and experience.

Greg was raised on a small family farm in the Western US. He recalls his life with nostalgia and fondness. What he learned from that life would be foundational for the values he applied throughout his career. Successful farming is about working cooperatively, individual contributions, valuing hard work, and respecting people in the community. It is about being “down to earth”, practical and honest, since neighbors depend on neighbors in a crisis.

It was clear that Greg was intellectually gifted; his goals were ambitious and far-reaching. He matriculated at a university on the East coast with an outstanding reputation for international educational programs. He received a BS in Foreign Service in the mid 90ties and then spent a year abroad in Asia. He returned to the US and connected with a consulting firm specializing in public affairs in DC.

After less than 2-years and a decision not to pursue a career in Foreign Service, he made what would become his most significant career move. He joined a top tier global agency in a relatively junior role but with enormous potential to move in any direction he felt he would like to explore. It was now 1996.

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