Life After PR Series – “Greg”, Part 2 – How was Greg’s career shaped by joining a Global PR Consulting Group that could offer significant challenges?

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prAnswer:   It was 1996 and Greg had just joined a global agency that would shape his PR career. While the agency was large and it would be difficult to stand out, Greg’s ability to see opportunities for the agency to grow and take advantage of developing trends was recognized. His persuasive talent to make the “business” case for new services at the firm, implement a profitable structure to deliver those services and win client approval to implement these services, became evident. He had the talent and leadership ability to do it all.

He developed a Client Leadership Program (for excellence in delivering client service), a story-telling curriculum, and a media intelligence service (which predated the explosion into social media services). He held the title of Client Relationship Manager until he was offered the role as Executive VP and GM of an office in the West.

With the leadership team based in Northeast running the global organization, there was a degree of trust that Greg had earned. He was allowed to manage the office without strict oversight. He was left to transform a regional office into an organization that incorporated his values and leadership philosophy. In less than 3-years he doubled the size of the office while being named one of the best places to work in the state.

With his reputation growing, he was seen as a potential future leader of the organization. He was offered a promotion that would clearly put him in the spotlight with a new role based at headquarters. This moment was very challenging and difficult because of the risks involved in either committing to a new direction or not. If he did not accept, would he have reached the end of his career path with the firm?

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