Life After PR Series – “Vicky”, Part 9 (final post in the series) – What might the future hold for Vicky?

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prAnswer: Given her location, it will be rare to find another even more challenging opportunity in the corporate world. This role may continue to be engaging for several years. However, in my opinion, there is a limit to what can be exciting about the company story. (That is the tradeoff when you represent a company in a niche market versus a diversified multi-divisional corporation.)

It may be possible for Vicky to transition into a pure management role in the organization. I see that as a long shot. It will be more likely that she can change her relationship to a consulting role with the company as her only client. She would assist the leadership team as they hire a Director (not a VP) to lead the team. That arrangement would guarantee Vicky an income and allow her the freedom to follow a new path.

For example, she might devote her energies to causes she supports. She may leave the corporate world behind. Given her focus on mentoring and coaching, she may create a business to assist young professionals to perform at their best. Perhaps she may decide to work less and pursue personal interests.

Since it was easy for her to find consulting work, taking on several retainer clients may be the direction Vicky takes in the future. Due to the Coronavirus, working virtually is becoming a new “norm” and much more acceptable. That may open up new opportunities for senior executives.

A successful leader may say, “I’m done with being at the top.” He (or she) may add, “I’m setting off on my own and I don’t know where I’m going but it will be fun finding out.” —- Vicky’s example and that attitude encourages me to think it is a perfectly valid approach to take.

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