(Part 2 of 3) How do You Quantify and Calculate the Risk Factors in Considering an Offer?

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quantify risk in negotiating an offer judith cushman associates blog career adviceAnswer: While we talk about cultural fit as being essential for success (whatever that means), there are structural reasons why a fully qualified executive may not be able to meet the challenges of the job s/he was asked to assume. Here are descriptions about the level of risk involved in these organizations. This is part 2 of a 3 part series that describes low to extremely high levels of risk.

Here are the components to consider in evaluating the lowest risk situation and your potential interest in a role. What would you add?

  • Mature, stable management with a history of supporting the communications function at the CCO level and with a sophisticated understanding of what steps are needed to create and implement a strategic program.
  • As a regulated (public) company, the leadership is sensitive to its obligations to shareholders and to achieving operational efficiencies, as well as meeting disclosure requirements. Reputation and brand awareness also are highly important.
  • Deep experience on the part of the most senior officers working with professional comms staff
  • Orderly transition for a new CCO hire due, for example, to an incumbent retiring or taking a new role either inside or outside the company, or a relocation for personal reasons
  • Current job description is closely aligned with objectives of the position of prior incumbent (no disruptive change envisioned.) Description is accurate and external market factors remain stable so there is no need for radical change in the company’s business strategy. There is no expectation that the organization will undertake a reorganization in the near future.
  • The new hire has industry or related industry-specific knowledge and has an excellent track record. (Hiring from within the industry is not always the best approach if there is a compromise in the excellence of the candidate.)
  • Relocation is not needed since the position is within commuting distance.

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