When there seems to be a never-ending series of posts about resumes, why are they still so challenging to write and mostly ineffective?

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judith cushman associates career development recruiting resumesAnswer: Ever since I began the blog, the topic I’ve written most about is resumes. That is because telling the best story you can about your talents is difficult. Perhaps, it is because you don’t know what they are or can’t explain them. Most professionals, no matter at what level, need help. Earlier this year, I published eight blog posts about creating a resume that effectively presents your experience and talents.

Why are resumes so ineffective at convincing the reader to interview you? What questions do you have that you’d like me to answer?

Here is a brochure that is an edited version of the posts I’ve written.


You can also find this brochure as an in-depth article on my website, www.jc-a.com.

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