Here is a Senior Director’s story told one year after negotiating for a job. What can we learn from his experience as he reflects on his decision?

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judith cushman associates blog career advice negotiating an offer compensationAnswer:  This series is about the offer he accepted after considering 8+ jobs.  These posts are much like the chapters of a story, that will describe the negotiating process for this candidate.

What was different about the position he accepted? Did everything he believed in about the Company’s approach to the offer ring true once he was there? What can we learn from his experience?

In a series of conversations with this very talented, senior level professional, he describes his goals, his work and personal considerations. What did he do right in making a move? What might he do better next time? I checked in after almost a year on the job to see if the company had the values we thought we saw in the negotiating process. If we read the situation correctly, that would bode very well for a long-term relationship.

This series will include the following posts.   When I wrap up the series, this will become an article to share.

Part # 1 What was this candidate’s work history? Was he qualified for the job he was seeking?

Part # 2 What challenges did his background pose considering his career track which had non-traditional elements? Was stability an asset considering the marketplace and environment he was in?

Part #3 The decision to look: did he start out with a clear direction?  What happened once we outlined his options? What were the “non-negotiables?”

Part #4 What was appealing about the job he accepted? What content was significant to meet his goals? How has that evolved and is he feeling he is gaining valuable experience?

Part #5 What signals about the culture that he saw in the negotiating process were attractive? A year later how does he feel about the company?  What might be next? What lessons can we learn from his experience?

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