The End of Weekly Blog Posts and “What’s Next?”

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Judith CushmanINTRO: During the last few series on “Life After PR,” our email subscribers and LinkedIn followers have read about “What’s next” for people Judy Cushman has profiled. Now, she’s asking “What’s next for me?”

I started a blog about career issues in the spring of 2017 thinking there would be a lively exchange of questions from my readers. It turned out, that my 3,500 subscribers and almost 4,000 LinkedIn connections were simply happy to read what I posted. I also discovered that I couldn’t write a superficial short paragraph or two, that I had more to say about whatever topic I thought I should tackle. And, shortly after I began this effort, I discovered I could serialize practically any subject.

It is hard to believe I could find enough to say about negotiation and offers (13 posts), compensation (4), millennials (11), fixing a broken search process (10) and resumes (8) to maintain your interest. The most complex and recent topic was about transitions and “Life after PR” where I told the story of 4 successful, senior executives. They made brave decisions, or at least non-traditional decisions, that led to successful end of career choices. It took almost a year of posts to describe their experiences and career paths.

If you have any feedback or comments, please email them to me. I will be updating the web site with them.

It is now time for me to focus on new directions. I’ve accomplished what I intended with the Blog. I wanted my contacts and potential clients to know how I think and what my values are. If you liked my approach as I analyzed situations and described solutions, you will enjoy working with me, and find it a unique experience. I will continue to welcome new retained search engagements and both individual and organizational consulting assignments.

From time to time as I have observations or news to share, I will be posting messages on LinkedIn and my website. For those who have subscribed to the newsletter, you will be connected to my LinkedIn account unless you do not wish to be included. In that case, please reply to this note with a, “No to LinkedIn” in the subject line.

So, what is next? I’m hoping to create a book from these posts, and I welcome any suggestions about how to begin the research. I will need to assemble these articles into chapters and find a publisher that will work with me to edit them for a general business audience.

Meanwhile, I will continue my efforts to champion substantive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) issues that have the potential to make a difference. I’m on the Program Committee for PRSA Puget Sound and taking a very active role in recruiting senior level executives to talk about the post Covid-19 New Normal Society and moderating their presentations. Also, I’m continuing my interest in the arts and languages, formally studying French and Italian.

My plate is full. I’m still available to respond to your questions. Thank you.

Judy,, 425 392 8660, Bellevue, WA.

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