Life After PR – Vicky’s Story. Here, assembled into an article, is a collection of the 9 posts that tell her story and how her instincts guided her throughout her career.

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prHow did Vicky think about her career that was different? We often talk about building a career which implies structure, but did that apply to Vicky? Was she an opportunist? Can you build a successful career by evaluating jobs as they happen to come to your attention? What do you think about the way she went about making decisions?  I don’t believe it was luck that she landed on her feet every time she decided it was time to make a change. To think about it further, in retrospect, she earned each promotion by succeeding in every job she took and being recognized for her accomplishments. That led to offers to consider new opportunities.

Up until now, we have followed the stories of successful “A” team executives who reached top jobs in the PR profession and then struck out in new directions. These leaders understood the path that would take them to their goal and pursued that direction purposefully. There is a very different story to tell about Vicky. She marched to her own tune to achieve success and never carved out a comprehensive, long-term plan.

Here is the link to the PDF with the 9-post article that tells Vicky’s story and how she followed her instincts to be in the best possible position to balance her work and home life.

Life After PR Series – “Vicky’s Story”

Here are the questions that were explored in each blog post with a link to the post.


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