Judith Cushman & Associates fills positions nationwide including Vice Presidents, Chief Communications Officers and Executive Directors and Directors in corporate, agency and other professional settings. Judith Cushman & Associates facilitates, manages and expedites the process, enabling the organization to make the best selection, saving time and adding value throughout the course of the search.

Success is achieved by setting clear objectives for the position, spelling out essential and desirable candidate specifications and evaluating cultural fit. The firm accepts retained searches from no more than 3 client organizations at any given time. JC&A has fulfilled every contract that has been awarded to the firm for 20 years. Our track record is 100%.

In addition, JC&A recruits the following functions:
Corporate Communications, Public & Media Relations, Analyst & Investor Relations, Public Affairs, Internal Communications, Digital, Marketing Communications, Senior VPs and Presidents




Final fee due is 30% of guaranteed compensation. Initial fee due is computed upon 30% of maximum base salary with payments at intervals as described below.

Three payments over 90 days or two payments with the third upon hire (or under special conditions). Final payment is based upon total guaranteed compensation, less fees paid.

Exclusive relationship. All candidates for these positions are evaluated and referred through JC&A regardless of source of referral.

Fee is 30% of guaranteed compensation for one assignment. This fee is lowered when multiple assignments are under contract. The lowest level is 23% for four or more searches.

Contract is in effect for 9 months. All services are provided during that time.

JC&A guarantees to follow process through to completion (maximum period of 9-months) to ensure successful outcome. Completion rate is 100% meeting terms of every contract.

In-depth candidate interviews conducted. Job described in great detail. Motivation and interest probed.

JC&A presents candidates that meet specifications and provides insights into motivation and level of interest.

Targeted research.

As appropriate, “a marketing oriented” job description will be created by JC&A

In-depth approach: Follow through with candidate and client from beginning to completion. Collaborative relationship with client. (Highly value-added and consultative)

Candidate is provided with job description and materials as needed.

Reference check conducted on finalists.

Guarantee of employment is 6 months.

Fees are for services rendered and are nonrefundable.


Final fee due is 25% of guaranteed compensation. The initial payment is computed at 15% of the maximum base salary.

The balance due is upon hire only if the referral is via JC&A. The figure is computed at 25% of total guaranteed compensation, less fees paid.

Non-exclusive relationship. Client may evaluate candidates separately from JC&A.

When four or more searches are completed through JC&A, the fee is reduced to 23%

Research contract expires after 90 days. JC&A assists with the hiring process until concluded. No new research efforts after 90 days.

The presentation of qualified candidates is guaranteed by JC&A. The hiring process is the responsibility of the client. JC&A’s success rate in presenting candidates is 100%.

Screening process is thorough, but not as in-depth as in a Full Search. Explanation about position is provided. Credentials are evaluated.

JC&A presents candidates that meet specifications.

Targeted research.

Client provides job description

Client is responsible for handling the candidate once JC&A arranges initial interview. JC&A follows progress of both client and candidate. JC&A assists at the offer stage.

Candidate is provided with materials and job description as needed.

JC&A requests references from candidates.
Client completes reference checks.

Guarantee of employment is 90 days

Fees are for services rendered and are nonrefundable.


Contact Us: For Further Details Contact Judith Cushman, President, (425) 392-8660 (9 am to 6 pm Pacific Time)