What does your total Compensation add up to? (Part 3 of 5) Have you taken into account your current, past and future financial and non-financial benefits?

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judith cushman assoicates blog post part 3 compensation extra benefitsAnswer: Here is Part 3 of a series of 5 blog posts with check lists to jog your memory about financial and non-financial benefits. This check list based on information gained from reviewing many corporate packages will help you document your benefits that are specific to your company.

Part 3 – What benefits do you receive that are specific to your company (Situational Benefits)?

  • Is there a special Dependent Care allowance to care for family members including young children paid from gross earnings?
  • Additional business/educational travel and professional memberships—Do you have memberships in prestigious professional societies where you and your spouse attend the event?
  • Education Benefits for you and your family: Are you enrolled in a degree program? What is the benefit worth? Does your organization have an education program for your children? If you leave within the next 6-months, what will you be obligated to pay to for tuition for either both of you and the children?
  • If you resign in the next 6-months will the company ask reimbursement for any benefits they have paid out to you?
  • Housing/relocation—What is your home worth in this current market? Will there be a relocation involved? Will you bring your spouse to the new location? Will you commute for a period of time from your home?
  • Does your spouse have a professional job? How will those earnings be affected by a new position? Does a new role incur additional expense for child care, for example?

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