What does your total Compensation add up to? (Part 1 of 5) Have you taken into account your current, past and future financial and non-financial benefits?

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judith cushman blog compensation series part 1 cash compensationAnswer:  Here is Part 1 of a series of 5 blog posts with check lists to jog your memory about financial and non-financial benefits.  This check list will help you document and analyze your cash earnings.

Part 1 – Compensation Check List: Earnings — Cash Compensation

  • Base salary current (including the next 6-months since that is when the offer is most likely to be extended or a note mentioning today’s salary and the expected raise with an estimate of the higher earning)
  • When was your last raise? What was the amount and the percentage? Is this a normal figure? How often is your salary review? (You may have a review and increase awarded.)
  • Are you eligible for a bonus? When would you receive one next? What have been the amounts in the past and what is the percentage over base salary?
  • Are there spot bonuses or awards? Do you receive them? Traditionally, when are these awarded?
  • Do you have any other special cash awards as a “key” employee?
  • Are there retention bonuses? Have you received them before? How much was the award? What do you expect to receive and when?
  • Stock options: what is your vesting cycle (typically fully vested is 3 or 4 years)? What is the value of your holdings? How much is fully vested? What is the date of your award and when does the next round of vesting occur? Has there been much appreciation? What options will you lose if you leave within the next 6-months. What other stock benefits might you have, e.g. purchase of company stock at a discount?
  • If the company is private, what equivalents do you have in place of a stock program?

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