A walk in the park, an insight — connecting the Pandemic to Black Lives Matter

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Judith CushmanWhy now? Why did the country and the world explode over the clear injustice and death of one black man?
That was the question rattling around in my head. I felt there was something very different about the time we are in. Do you think the worldwide suffering because of the Pandemic has made us more vulnerable to acting out? I think the answer is yes. It has made a difference and we are more tired, stressed and impatient for truth and change than ever before. How do you feel?

It was early June, a sunny, breezy afternoon, one of the perfect spring days in the Seattle area. Like so many of us, my “normal” day during the Pandemic was a change from before the virus imposed itself on our lives. I was happy to be out in such wonderful weather but not on the terms I was forced to accept.

My life had changed and there was no hope it was going to revert to the old normal. There is no way I could see a short-term fix and I thought the news about moving through a modified phase 1 to a phase 2 and then to phase 3 was risky. Every day new, stunning, death counts are announced, and it seems obvious we are in this crisis for the long haul. At this point, as I pull into the parking lot near the running track, I‘m tired of political posturing and BS. I just want to know the truth.

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