Life After PR. The story of “Angela”, a successful entrepreneur competing in the high-risk world of tech start-ups. This article is a collection of the 6-blog posts that analyzed her exceptional career.

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judith cushman associates human resources consulting life after public relations prWhat was special about Angela? Why was she such an effective leader and risk taker? Why are there so few women who choose this path?
I speculate and ask why do so few women make the decisions she did? Part of the answer is that she combined a willingness to gamble with a thoroughness to consider every contingency. She knew everything she could know and what she couldn’t. She could weigh her tolerance for risk against the prospect of success.

This series, published last year, raised questions about Angela’s career and her decision to explore a new direction after she had come to the successful end of her career track. She had done as much as she wanted to as a Comms executive.

Each question that follows below has a link to the related blog post.

What are the factors that affect women in senior Comms positions as they find a new career and a new direction in their lives?

What is the background of an “A” team Comms executive who has left her established career track to find a new career and a new direction in her life?

How did Angela advance into leadership roles in a boutique tech agency and what factors contributed to her decision to become an entrepreneur?

How did the role of an entrepreneur in the digital communications space contribute to her decision to find a new career?

How did Angela decide to make a life changing decision and sell the digital communications firm she had established? What were her thoughts about her future?

What are key pieces of advice Angela shares about career transitions based on her own experience?

Here is the link to the full article as a PDF – Life After PR: The Story of Angela


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